The Definitive Guide To Raising Capital

"Everything You Need To Know To Get Your Business Funded FAST!"

The Definitive Guide To Raising Capital® -- How To Fund Your Business In 30 Days Or Less! is "the most widely used and successful strategy guide for funding a business ever put together."

This is not a simple introductory book on the subject, it's an advanced level masters course which is based upon years of trial and error and is responsible for helping entrepreneurs secure over $456 Million Dollars for businesses in every field, from farm equipment to wireless internet technology and everything in between.

It combines critical knowledge with proven step-by-step techniques for each stage of the business funding process that anyone can use no matter what their background or experience.

The course contains over 280 pages of simple-to-follow strategies, resources, letters, worksheets, checklists, action guides, real life business plans, and includes 5 cd's jam packed with interviews from some of the nations top business funding experts explaining exactly what you need to do from A to Z to get all the capital you need.

Written by renowned expert Bob Ryan, who is recognized by his colleagues as "the business capital authority" and over the last 18 years has helped hundred's of business owners get the capital they needed -- even in today's tough economic environment.

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