Here's Just A Sample Of What You'll Learn In Our Course...

The ONE huge mistake all inexperienced people make when looking for capital which guarantees they will not find what they need... and how to "parlay" it into a huge advantage leaving your competitors in the dust.

The "Secret Program" which can help anyone secure a quick $50,000... $100,000... $250,000... $500,000...or $1 Million Dollars or more to fund any business they could possibly think of -- and get it in the next 30 days or less.

The most important (and toughest) decision you must make when you are searching for capital... and how to make it intelligently and morally so you'll never have to second guess yourself later!!

A can't miss way for you to get hundreds of investors to back up your proven projects -- follow this technique and you'll have people throwing so much money at you'll actually have to turn most of them down. It'll be amazing!

The 3 best strategies for wiping out the fears of your potential investors and get them to say YES to your business idea in a matter of days!

The Low Down on Venture Capital... Less than 3% get it... you'll learn why and how you can put the odds in your favor to get your hands on this virtually limitless source of funds.

How to Guarantee yourself virtually instant results with the "Ready, Fire... Aim" strategy -- and how to set yourself up for guaranteed, never ending rivers of real cash (without this strategy... start your funding quest at your own risk!)

How and why you should build your Business Credit Profile and the 10 steps you must take in order to look good to potential lenders whether they are banks or private sources of capital.

The 10 most common mistakes people who are looking for money are making. This list is worth it's weight in gold, because without it you'll surely make one or MORE of these mistakes, dooming your efforts before you start.

Learn about the ONE and ONLY reason why you either get all the money you need or not. Only those who know this secret can capitalize on it! I'll show you what it is.

A simple step-by-step formula for locating those hard to find "Angel Investors" you've no doubt heard so much about. These "Angels" have extremely deep pockets and can offer a TON of cash for REAL workable ideas.

A subtle, powerful psychological strategy which motivates even the stingiest investors to open up their pocketbook and give you all the money you need. Used right, this strategy will get people to come on board without fail!

The Secret Of COMPENSATING BALANCE LOANS and how to use this amazingly simple strategy to Double, Triple, Quadruple, or even multiply by 10 times the amount of money you receive within 24 hours of putting it into action.

The exact 9 word phrase you should say to potential investors which will eliminate their doubts about you, and put them at ease when you begin talking about bottom-line money-making topics.

An easy, no effort strategy which allows you to raise all the money you need right through the mail. Used correctly -- it means the elimination of face to face contact or clumsy conversations with others. Truly a "lazy man's" option which is perfect for the beginner and it works GREAT!

Learn why you should never be "realistic" when you are setting your goals. In fact, when you are searching for money you have to learn how to be the total opposite. Yes! Follow this simple technique and you'll be well rewarded!

An entirely new "angle" for getting almost guaranteed money for tough to sell projects and ideas. This technique is hardly ever used but is extremely powerful when its used correctly. And is perfect for start-ups!

Uncover TONS of "ultra secret" grant sources which you can use to fund all of your ideas from start to finish. These are little known sources and you'll have virtually no competition in securing all the money you need -- FAST!

A weird but effective way to find alternative sources of quick cash. These sources could provide you with hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands or dollars if you use them correctly.

Learn the insiders secrets on why certain projects and ideas always get money and why others never seem to get any at all. And what you can do to make sure you're always on the right side.

Unearth and use these seven simple truths of raising capital and you'll never be denied again. Finally a brain dead system for you to use so you can secure all the money you'll ever need.

How and where to tap into a virtual goldmine of hidden money sources which provide you with many, many unusual financing options for all your projects -- OVERNIGHT!

Why asking for money will make you more respected by all, which means you get to meet and socialize with the "top brass" of your profession and rub shoulders with the "movers and shakers" of your field of interest.

The eight answers to questions you will be asked when you are looking for money. You should know the answers before talking with potential money sources. This is must have information because if you don't know this stuff your effort may be hampered immensely.

Get yourself on sound footing immediately by knowing the real definitions of raising capital. Don't even think about starting your search without knowing these crucial pieces of data.

Where you can get a quick $50,000... $100,000... $250,000... $ 1 Million or more to fund any project you can think of and get it in the next 30 days or less.

Discover a few well kept secrets which banks and other lending institutions don't want you to know. After you learn this you'll break free from ever relying on their services for anything ever again.

How a little-known "positioning secret" helps you break down the funding barriers which have held you back before. Not one person in ten knows this critical information... and once you do you'll be head and shoulders above the rest with more money than you can shake a stick at.

The "Inside Scoop" on various government financing programs and how you can use them to your benefit. This information will allow you to to cut through the layers and layers of "red tape" and get your money faster than you ever thought possible.

A four-step, no-fail, sure fire system you can use to raise more money than you ever thought possible. This strategy will pay off like a one-armed bandit but only when you have that perfect idea or money-making plan.

The secret advertisement (word-for-word) that you can run in your local newspaper which will have your phone ringing off the hook with fully qualified investors ready to give you all the cash you can handle. And how they can hook you up with much, much more... just by asking.

A truly "no-brainer" (yet usually overlooked) system for finding "Angel Investors" in your area. And the 10 action steps you can take today so you can find them quickly and easily.

Tips from the pro's on how you can safely "pyramid" your money into a much larger sum legally and ethically. Let's say you get $50,000 well you can easily turn it into $500,000 without much effort once you learn how it's done.

The 36 most overlooked capital sources and how you can use them to get your hands on all the money you could possibly need.

Learn The Ten Commandments Of Raising Capital. If you want any success at all you'll have to follow each and every one of them. Because non-compliance means no chance of securing the funding you need.

The REAL TRUTH about Government Grants including tips on how you can secure one of these hard to get methods of funding.

The Five Most Common Sources Of Short-Term Working Capital. What they are, why they are important, and how you can use them to instantly fund any aspect of your business or idea.

How to make your personal credit (no matter how bad it is) a "non-issue" in your search for capital.

The 4 different types of Angel Investors available... what each one means to you... and the exact steps you need to take with each to make sure you get the capital you need -- FAST!

The BEST WAY to use my proven contact letter concept to your advantage and the 5 crucial elements it must contain for ultimate success!

The EXACT WORDS you should say to a potential investor or money source when they show an interest in funding your business or idea.

How to find and motivate private individuals with millions of dollars of real capital available to invest in your business idea and get them to commit with minimal effort on your part.

How to negotiate with any potential money source to secure the best possible deal without giving up control of your business or idea.

How to assemble a convincing, persuasive business plan document guaranteed to "WOW" any potential funding source no matter whether you have any writing skill or not.

The 3 best strategies for wiping out your bankers, your government source or any investors fears and get them to say YES to funding your business idea in a matter of days!

How to secure a FOUNDATION GRANT for your business idea. Foundation Grants are better and easier to get than Government Grants. And you'll learn exactly how to write a winning proposal to get one including 300 sources of funds you can send it to.

And Much More...

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